Homeopathic Medicine for Painful Piles and Haemorrhoids (Bleeding and Non Bleeding), Fissures - Medisynth Pilen Pills (25g)

Medisynth Pilen Pills (25g)


For Painful Piles and Hemorrhoids (Bleeding and Non Bleeding), Fissures.

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Product Description

Effective in Piles & Fissures

About Pilen Pills

This combination has proved to be effective in Hemorrhoids of any kind whether internal or External, Bleeding or Non-bleeding. It helps to reduce agonizing pains and to shrink Hemorrhoids. Its beneficial effect Reduces Constipation and gives Regular Movement to the Bowels.


Acidum Nitricum 200

Calcarea Fluorica 200

Hamamelis Virginica 200


2 Pills up to 3 times a day.


No contraindications are known.


Do not self medicate, Use under medical supervision.